Why do Babies Like to Entertain themselves?

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Why do babies like to entertain themselves?

Why does the baby entertain himself and not play with other children when he attends a baby party with his age? Because he still can't understand what it's like to make friends! But babies get a lot out of spending time with other kids and learning social interactions!

What does the baby get out to play with other children?

If your baby sits next to a child and plays alone, he or she will secretly learn the child's tricks. Secondly, babies are more patient when playing with other children and will stay with the same toys for longer.

How do parents react to babies playing on their own?

  • More to make the baby laugh.

This way can promote the formation of social awareness of the baby, earlier learn how to interact with other children. The parents should talk to the baby in a kind tone, with a kind gaze on the baby, which can meet his social needs. In this way, he will also feel secure, happy, and willing to express himself. Also, it will help the baby grow up to be a cheerful person with excellent social skills.

  • Respond to all of your baby's reactions

When your baby babbles to himself, Mommy should initiate communication with him where he can see you, even if you are doing his chores, and respond to him promptly with his voice. This will increase your baby's interest in pronunciation and his enjoyment of communicating with others!

When children communicate and play with the baby, parents first tell themselves, "I am also a baby." This will allow them to stand in the baby's perspective that is more comfortable to find more novelty so that the process of communication with the baby is also enjoyable! For example, to take the baby out to play, parents can say, "baby, look spring is coming, the little tree has left, you can help parents find and Which little tree has left too?"

Naturally, communicating like this will develop a keen, curious mind that will love to "talk"!

Parents can organize some parties with babies of the same age so that it can help your kids promote the development of a baby's social skills, learn how to communicate with others, interact to create more opportunities.

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